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EnlightenedDemocracy helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
Enlightened Democracy aspires to give people the opportunity to build a better world by sharing ideas and experiences and interacting with others who are seeking an enlightened foundation based on higher values of life than the values of the money and the market. In order to make the world a place to enjoy true freedom, justice and peace for all, it invites the young generation to connect with others dreaming for a change. By sharing visions and higher values, and through discussion and debate it wishes to build a foundation for a meaningful engagement, which may bring a social-political change.

The idea of this networking is to build awareness among the young generation about the deficiencies of the present day democracy and the need for actions in building a social-political order, which may give opportunities to realize greater potentials of life based on the higher nature of the self which lie beyond the instincts of economic competitons and search for freedom to gain personal advantages. Ihe preliminary ideas have been launched by Dr. Anup Rej, a physcist, philosopher, poet and a painter, who presently lives in Oslo. He was born and brought up India and lived in many countries in the world while experiencing different cultures and social-political systems around the globe. The enlightened Democracy invites people to write blogs, create discussion forums, post photos, videos and audio files which may inspire others to create a compassionate world, and reflect about building a secure society based on the higher nature of human consciousness.In a world where religious values are disintegrating and being replaced by the values of the consumer culture of a free market economy, where freedom appears ego-centric and blindfold, the enlightened democracy seeks to build a foundation of the society on a universal moral ground strengthened by knoweldge of science, refined reasons of the human mind, and the true spiritual essence of man.

The ambition of this site is to create campaigns and events, and educate and empower the young people who may build a network of enlightened actors of the society who may bring a fundamental change in the development of democracy in the world.